You’ve just rediscovered good, old fashioned customer service.

Why Us?

  • Peace of mind knowing prices are fixed for your hire duration and hire extensions run on a day rate that matches – no penalty or surprise increased rates and no block extension rates.
  • Communication is key – we will be in touch every step of the way from quote request through to install day (and time), extension requirements all the way through to pool void cover removal as it suits you.
  • We do not outsource or sub-contract – Leigh manages all pool void cover installs and removals directly.
  • Sites are left in the same condition we find them – no rubbish left on site. We are courteous and considerate of any other trades that may be on location at the same time.
  • Form 15 certificates are offered at no extra cost – many building companies require this prior to commencing site works.
  • Pool void covers are enclosed at no extra cost – this may allow you to remove the temporary pool fencing, if your site supervisor approves, giving trades improved access in tight areas.
  • Pool void covers can be adapted to accommodate scaffold – please contact us to discuss your requirements. NOTE: There is no load rating on covers as standard – we need to adapt your cover to safely meet requested load ratings.
  • We will go out of our way to accommodate customer requests – please ask us.

Family Owned & Operated

“When you buy from a small business, you’re not helping a CEO buy a 3rd holiday home. You’re helping two little boys get swimming lessons, a medium boy attend scouts and a bigger girl follow her dreams into the music industry, as well as a Dad to put food on the table for his family.”

Leigh Beecroft started Deck Solutions back in 2014 to meet the needs of an evolving market. While big companies offered pool void cover hire they were hard to get decent customer service from and pricing was far from competitive. With a dedication to high level customer service the business has grown from strength to strength.

If you miss good, old fashioned customer service, you’ve come to the right place. Our customers have names and faces – not account numbers and job site identifications. We understand time is of the essence and we are here to help take a little bit of the stress out of your building process.

Simply put. We care. We also appreciate your business.