Pool fences and barriers during construction – builder requirements

Often when building a new home you are likely to dig and start your pool before the house construction beings. Some clients are advised of the safety requirements involved when the pool goes in first during the contract stage while others are caught a little unaware and are told by the site supervisor at the last minute.

If your pool is within 3-5 metres of your house build they may require you hire a pool fence and a temporary pool hard barrier (also known as a pool void cover). It’s a solid cover that goes over the pool cutout, typically with enclosed sides which allows the removal of the fencing to increase valuable space onsite. This reduces the risk of drowning and falls from height and helps builders to meet their OH&S requirements on the job site. It is often an unknown cost that’s added to your build journey and we find many clients come to us at the very last minute desperate to get a cover on and to avoid delaying the build start date.

If you can factor in the barrier cover costs when planning it will make the process go far smoother. We can work directly with your pool and home builder to ensure a seamless process.

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