Pool Void Covers


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Service Locations
We service from Brisbane, Logan City and Ipswich to Gold Coast, Tweed Coast and Northern Rivers.
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Hire Duration
Our hire duration is based around a typical build and construction timeline. All standard pricing includes hire for up to 6 months.
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Install & Removal Process
We build and install the pool void cover onsite typically with a half to full day depending on size and site accessibility. The standard hire period allows for up to 6 months of usage at which point you can choose to extend hire. When you no longer need your cover you can contact us and book in a removal date. We will come onsite and dismantle and retrieve the pool cover.
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Pool Void Cover Sizes
We cater to common pool sizes as well as custom and unique sizes and shapes. Our solution covers both concrete and fibreglass pools.
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Pool construction covers can be great peace of mind knowing your new pool investment is protected while workers are on site.
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Additional Services
Upon request we also offer the following complimentary services: Form 15, enclosed cover sides and adaption for scaffolding.
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